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Doug Melven

Monday - Friday  9am - 9pm EST

(616) 808-7656

A little bit about me:


I took over this business from Jim Beach in January of 2016 as he could no longer keep up with the orders that were coming. He taught me a great deal about duplicating keys which I am extremely grateful for. 

Others that have helped  Jim set this website up:


Richard Ferris (Jim'sUncle)

Roy Switzer

and several others that did not want to be listed here.

Pictures that have been sent to me of equipment: You May send a picture of your equipment to

 (Click on Picture For A Larger View)

Sent In By:


Sent In By:



John Deere

Lawn Mower key

Sent In By

Jack Connors

Hannix Mini exavator,,accually a Nissan,and mostly Mitsubisi engine

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